House and mansion construction in Ekaterinburg on a turn-key basis

Ультра Эс

Construction of private houses in Ekaterinburg attracts more number of customers. Dreams of a comfortable house in a comfortable area pushed many Russians to seek favorable conditions, to organize construction of a house inexpensively. For those looking for good deals on turnkey home ready for the best prices in Yekaterinburg, cooperation with Ultra ES will be a really good solution.

The contract with the company: the main advantages

When choosing a contractor, many clients are unable to sort out how you should pay especial attention. Meanwhile, the construction of country houses turnkey is a time consuming and complex process, which should not work with Amateurs. Team Ultra ES can surely be considered an experienced professional with 17 years of experience. The most convenient for the customer form of work — work with one contractor! Long-term experience of our communication with customers proves it. You always understand the execution plan, planned costs and who to ask quality. Pay attention to the most important benefits of Building a country house in Yekaterinburg with Ultra ES:

  • Wide range of original and stylish projects that are at the customer's request can be adapted to a specific construction of a country house.
  • Ultra ES provides a guarantee of 12 years. In our work we use only those materials that meet the warranty requirements.
  • Fix the cost of construction. For those who are planning the construction of a private house turnkey price is an important argument in the selection. In the "Ultra ES" it is always fixed by the contract and is strictly adhered to in subsequent works. The client can be sure that you will not face the problem of over budget and unnecessary expenses.
  • Fixed time the execution of the works. Carry out projects on time.
  • Never offer the customer to make a meaningless expenditure.
  • Always insist on is needed for a full life.
  • Provide the necessary service, after completion of the work.
  • Observe environmental regulations and maintain the existing landscape.
  • Always come to help when you ask, even if it is not stipulated in the contract.
  • Flexibility in variable elements, but firmness and persistence in fundamental issues of quality and safety.
  • Additional services and advice on all technical issues.
  • Guarantee flawless operation of the house.

Order the construction of a country house in Yekaterinburg in Ultra ES. Signing the contract with Ultra s, you can be confident in the success of the construction. If you clearly know what you want, or Vice versa — are lost and do not know where to start, come, we will find for you the best offer.

Creating home, we create our own future and treat the process accordingly. Each built a house makes us friends, isn't that valuable?