Project localization and adaptation

Ультра Эс

Before starting construction, it is necessary to localize the project for your lot. We start the localization process by taking into account all the requirement you may have. We consider the function, aesthetics, habits of the future inhabitants and construction requirements. The easiest one for you is the construction requirements. You do not have to think about it at all, as the Ultra ES experts will make sure that all the requirements are met. We are also happy to share our and our clients' experience concerning other questions, although the base for the implementation of the project should be your opinion. Sometimes it seems that making a decision is hard. But it all comes natural when you visualize all the processes that will take place in the house and on the lot: how to enter the house, how to move the furniture in, how to drive up to the garage, how to take you grocery shopping into the house, which household buildings do you want to have, where will they be located, how are you going to use them, what is your daily schedule, what do you need for to keep it, etc.

Our experts will tell you the main requirements for the house location, and you'll find that limitations of your lot can be turned into advantages.

The project localization service is limited to the clients who are going to build their house with us. The service is provided free of charge after signing the contract.

We are always here to answer your questions and help you create a safe comfort. In addition, we guaranty the liquidity.