Utility systems installation

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The installation of utility systems is a point that should not be put off.

Let's overview the types and ways of installation.

Electricity. It doesn't matter what type of power network you are going to use (Home Unit Company, private or state), you'll have to obtain a permit and technical requirements for connection (in some cases - a connection project). After that, you will need to install the cable, including in-house installation. A local installation contractor or our experts can do this work, it is your choice. Power supply connection is the most important question, as without it the construction works become more difficult. In addition, if the floor area of the house is small, the heating can be electricity-based.

Water supply. If your lot is located near a water pipeline, the procedure for water supply system connection is similar to the power supply one. Obtain technical requirements and a connection permit. The connection and installation can also be done be Ultra ES as well as a local contractor. If there is no water pipeline, you'll have to drill a well. Our company provides this kind of service as well. There are many ways of drilling, but we only choose those that do not require maintenance and ensure that the well is going to be functioning for many years. This is a quite simple but at the same time a highly important question, as there's a common opinion that sooner or later a well will require repair works. It is not quite so if you drill the well the right way, to begin with, you will not have to regularly spend money on this in the future.

Gas supply. Here are the steps you have to take for a gas supply connection: Submit an application to the authority in charge of gas supply, obtain technical requirements, order a project development and execute an installation contract with a contractor certified by the said authority. During the process of to the gas supply system, our company will take care of the nodes where the gas pipes go through the walls and prepare a place to install devices for metering gas consumption.

Sewerage. Usually, this system has three main types. A simple cesspool, consisting of airtight container (concrete, metal or plastic) and piping from the house. Central connection. The last type - a water treatment system, where harmful particles are separated from the technically pure water. Ultra ES offers all of the listed solutions. However, the decision should be made based on a specific project and your wishes.

We are always here to answer your questions and help you create a safe comfort. In addition, we guaranty the liquidity.