House and mansion construction in Ekaterinburg and the Sverdlovsk region

Building your house with Ultra ES ensures high quality, reliability, and convenience.

We do not just build houses, we create a better future. We do our job perfectly and we love it. Let us show you what we can do. We will prove that construction is a fascinating and enjoyable process, and the result will surpass your expectations!

Ultra ES offers:

• individual design development;

• a ready-made project of houses and mansions;

• project localization and adaptation on the lot;

• architectural replanning specifically for you;

• building country and suburban houses from the foundation to the move-in ready stage;

• outdoor utility systems installation;

• building fences;

• creating charming landscapes;

• building home-felt Russian saunas, reliable garages, and other important household buildings.

We are always here to answer your questions and help you create a safe comfort. In addition, we guaranty the liquidity.

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Construction of houses and mansions in Ekaterinburg

Building a house is a perfect solution for those who own a land lot. Not only will it let you realize your most unique and brave ideas, it'll also bring you many other benefits.

A list of obvious advantages of building a house:

• Saving money. Building a ready to move-in private house means you are working with only one contractor. And if the contractor does its job responsibly and professionally, the client can save a lot of money on additional costs.

• Process control. As only one company is responsible for all the works, the client can control and monitor all the stages а construction.

When experienced architects, talented engineers, and competent designers work as a team, you can be sure the house will be a success. Ultra ES employs only high-class experts and professionals. Our projects and houses have been bringing delight and comfort into the lives of our clients for many years.

Capital construction of private houses according to the precise and flawless layouts is done smoothly and seamlessly. We offer a full package of services in this area. While building ready to move-in houses

and mansions in Ekaterinburg, we take into account the modern trends and techniques in the construction field and implement them.

Ultra ES - we will make it easy for you!

We have been building private houses in Ekaterinburg since 1999. Today, we have a reputation of a reliable company with responsible and professional experts.

Put the image of your dream house into words, and we will do our best to make your dream come true exactly as you imagined it. If your dream house features a wine cellar, a garage, a separate Russian sauna or a covered terrace with a fireplace, we will implement it as well!

Work with Ultra ES and be happy!

Examples of work

House and mansion construction on a turn-key basis

The most convenient for the customer form of work — work with one contractor! Long-term experience of our communication with customers proves it. You learn more...

Project localization and adaptation

Before starting construction, it is necessary to localize the project for your lot. We start the localization process by taking into account all the r learn more...

Architectural re-planning specifically for you

We are always happy to take into account your personal requirements and make changes to the project accordingly. How should I do it? learn more...

Utility systems installation

The installation of utility systems is a point that should not be put off. Let's overview the types and ways of installation. learn more...

What else can we build?

In the process of planning Your suburban life, can not do without some important additions learn more...