Custom design homes and cottages

Ультра Эс

We create projects based on years of experience of Ultra EHS in construction and experience in operation of houses built by our customers. We guarantee the reliability of technical solutions, ergonomic literacy of the project and minimal costs in the future.

Company Ultra ES offers custom design homes and cottages:

Draft project:

Includes: image of the building from different angles, plan the cuts with spot elevations and inadequate space.

Architectural section:

Includes: all the data of the conceptual design, plus the detailing of the nodes, the parameters of the structural elements of the house (Foundation, floors, roof structure), the material specification.

Architectural and engineering sections:

Includes: all the data of preliminary design, all the data architecture and construction section, plus schematics and specifications of the con communications: water, heating, ventilation, electricity.

The cost is calculated individually.

You can request by email. mail or by phone: (343) 2-195-195 and 2-693-898.