Project S90 | Floor area: 200 m2

  • Number of storeys: 2
  • The area of the attic: 100.3 m2
  • Cubic content: 600 m3
  • Height: 8 m
  • Roof pitch: 35
  • Parcel area: шир.21 м х дл.19 м
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Level 1


Level 2


Position on the patch


Project description S90

You have everything you need. Perfect for your home. This is important because the house should be available every day: to relax, enjoy the company, engage in your favorite hobby and just live in nature.

The internal space of the house is used to the maximum due to the attic solution of the second floor, which makes this very compact house absolutely functional. The space is divided into public and private zones, thus taking into account the interests of all residents of the house. The competent layout of the house allowed to abandon a large number of distribution nodes and corridors in favor of residential spaces.

1st floor. Entrance. The entrance is deepened relative to the main facade and is protected by a small canopy from the adverse effects of the atmosphere (rain, snow, wind, ice), which makes it very comfortable to use. In the spacious entrance hall, you can comfortably take off your outer clothing, even if several people enter the house at once. It also provides a niche where you can place a large wardrobe for storing seasonal shoes and clothes.

 Boiler room. From the entrance hall to the boiler room. We designed the boiler room in such a way that it is suitable for any type of equipment. The boiler room meets all the requirements of fire and explosion safety:  - the volume of the room is more than 15 m3  - the presence of a window with a sufficient area of glazing  - the room is as isolated from the residential part of the house as possible.

Studio. The single space of a multifunctional studio is not only a tribute to modern trends, but also a convenient space for individual design solutions. Functional zones are conditionally allocated here, which, if desired, can be changed or supplemented. The combined space of the kitchen and living room gives a feeling of air and freedom.

Kitchen area. The spacious kitchen area will not leave indifferent any housewife. There will be enough space here to accommodate not only all the necessary kitchen utensils, but also a large table for the whole family. Joint dinners can be a great tradition. The dining area is accented by a large "floor" window.

Living area. The living area can easily accommodate all your friends and family. The pleasant atmosphere of the evening will be created by a real wood-burning fireplace. In such a warm atmosphere you can completely relax, watch a good movie with your family or play board games with friends.

Cabinet. A small office can be your refuge from the hustle and bustle. You can use it for work, a hobby or as a library. Everything will always be at hand. Large windows allow you to watch children playing in the yard.

The bedroom is on the first floor. A fairly spacious and comfortable bedroom, remote from the noisy living room, will appeal to families with young children or the older generation.

Pantry and dressing room. Another advantage of the planning decision of the house is a sufficient number of storage spaces, which is very important for a modern dynamic family. A common dressing room for storing outerwear, a small functional pantry under the stairs for household chemicals and appliances, a utility pantry with external access for garden supplies - all this will make everyday chores a little easier.

2nd floor.


A wide bright staircase with a large window is conveniently located in the center of the house.

Private zone.

Due to the fact that the private area is located on the second floor, it will always be quiet and calm, even if guests are downstairs. The mansard roof design gives you wide scope for room design solutions. You can create both standard and absolutely incredible and unforgettable interiors.

Often mansard roofs create a crushing impression. But we chose the angle of the roof in such a way that all the rooms of the attic floor are not only fully functional, but also give a feeling of spaciousness and airiness. There is enough space for relaxing, storing things and doing your favorite things. You can put freshly cut flowers from the garden in the bedrooms, which will complement the atmosphere of calm and make the room more comfortable.

Bathrooms The large bathrooms of the first and second floors can accommodate all the necessary equipment, and the windows in these rooms help to save on lighting and provide an opportunity to enjoy the view from the window while taking a bath.

Reliability at home.

The constructive solution of the house was tested over the years of experience of our company, which is why we give a guarantee for the construction of 12 years! Concrete foundations, enclosing walls of a gas block (twin block), reinforced concrete floors constitute a reliable foundation for this house. The inner walls are made of bricks. The project provides for a metal-roofing. A high degree of insulation and good metal-plastic windows will provide warmth and comfort in your home even in the coldest winters. Reliable internal engineering networks are the key to your peace of mind and confidence. All materials are certified. The interior space is ideally prepared for a fine finish.


The symmetrical arrangement of the windows will provide a comfortable microclimate in the house and will allow it to be freely enough located in the area relative to cardinal points. This project was developed on the basis of eighteen years of experience building the Ultra Es company and the wishes of our customers.

Facades S90

Данная информация относится к нашим услугам ПО СТРОИТЕЛЬСТВУ!

«ОСНОВА» (коробка дома)

Наша работа по строительству вашего дома начинается именно с этой стадии, которая является минимальным составом работ, который мы можем предложить. Предвосхищая вопросы, почему мы не строим отдельно фундаменты, не строим на чужих фундаментах или не выполняем меньший объем работ, хочется сказать следующее: устройство отдельных конструкций дома либо обходится слишком дорого для заказчика, либо не обеспечивает преемственность гарантийных обязательств, что противоречит нашим принципам качества и ответственности в работе. Данная стадия включает в себя устройство фундамента, оснований крылец и террас, ограждающих и несущих стен дома, перегородок, монтаж перекрытий и устройство кровли. После окончания работ в этой стадии, мы производим мероприятия по консервации, такие, как временное заполнение оконных и дверных проемов и укрытие ответственных конструкций. Результат работы на данном этапе, это строение, еще не готовое к проживанию, но достаточное для обеспечения сохранности в течении нескольких лет, без угрозы разрушения конструкций и материалов. Одним словом, «Основа» это то, с чего имеет смысл начинать строительство вашего дома.

«Базовая» (готовый дом снаружи)

Эта стадия строительства включает в себя следующее: утепление конструкций стен, перекрытия (или мансардной кровли) и фундамента, отделку фасада, установку окон и входных дверей, ворот, устройство декоративных конструкций. Дом в этой стадии выглядит так, как на изображении в проекте, если конечно вы не пожелаете внести изменения в дизайн  экстерьера.

«Под чистовую отделку»

Самая популярная стадия. Нужно сказать, что строительство в этой стадии без разделения процесса на сезоны имеет смысл для домов площадью до 150 метров квадратных или для домов свыше 300 метров квадратных, так, как в случае с домами в диапазоне от 150 до 300 метров, дополнительные расходы в зимний период не имеют смысла, напротив дома свыше 300 метров квадратных не имеет смысла строить с остановками, т. к. это не вызовет экономии. Данный этап включает: устройство инженерных сетей внутри дома, включая котельное оборудование, вводные устройства электропитания, оштукатуривание стен, устройство черновых полов, оштукатуривание откосов. Дом готов для чистовой отделки. Вы можете зарегистрировать строение, подключить все наружные инженерные сети (мы также предлагаем свои услуги по этому разделу).

«Под ключ»

Завершающая стадия строительства самая творческая и требует создания проекта интерьера, что позволит видеть ваши расходы перед началом работ, а качественные визуализации представить результат работы. Компания Ультра Эс предлагает свои услуги по проектированию интерьеров самого высокого качества, пожалуйста, ознакомьтесь с нашим предложением проектирования в соответствующем разделе сайта.

На все работы мы предоставляем гарантию 12 лет!

Добро пожаловать в Ультра Эс!

We offer a free project adaptation and localization for every order for construction services by Ultra S.

If you need project development only, you can order it in our office, by filing a request through our website or by sending your request to our e-mail. You then can receive your project at any convenient location.

After purchasing an Ultra S project our clients receive a full package of documentation necessary for obtaining a construction permit and conduction of house construction operations.

A project consists of two main sections: Architectural and building section (can be delivered separately) and utility systems section (a part of a full package).

Architectural and building section of a project includes:

  • Architectural section, consisting of architectural and construction drawings specifying exact geometrical dimensions of the building, its structures, and components (Level layouts, flooring, roofing layout, facades, sectional views, millwork specifications, visualization).
  • Construction section, containing general data, foundation, flooring, roofing construction solutions, drawings for separate nodes and elements, items and materials specifications (foundations, flooring, roofing, link beams, joint detail, and elements).

Utility systems section consists of piping and instrument diagrams:

  • Water supply and sewage systems (Water supply piping diagram, sewage piping diagram).
  • Heating and ventilation (Heating piping diagram, ventilation piping diagram, boiler piping).
  • Power supply (Lightning wiring layout, power main wiring, Incoming switchgear diagram, earthing system).

The sections also contain general information, general and technical description as well as specifications for materials, equipment and other structural elements of the building.

Structural solution of the project is as follows:

  • Foundation – monolithic grillage on Gambia pile.
  • Wall construction: bricks (380 mm) + heat insulation (120 mm), bearing walls - bricks (380 mm), non-bearing walls - bricks (120mm).
  • Pitched roof on wooden foundation with metal tile roofing/shingle roofing or low-slope unserviceable roof with melting material roofing.
  • Ceiling height 3m.
  • All project are designed for seismic activity of 7 points.
  • The project meets all of the required regulations (snow load, climate zone, fireproof level).

Additional project information:

  • All projects are developed to order after an advanced payment of 100%.
  • Project design and development takes 5 to 35 business days.
  • House construction requires a project adaptation, taking into account exact geological and topographic conditions. Adaptation is performed at additional cost.
  • The client receives two copies of the finished project as a hard copy A3 in standard or mirror image.

Facades S90

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  10. Когда проект будет доставлен, наш менеджер свяжет с Вами. Если Вы не нашли проект, который пришелся бы Вам по душе, Вы можете заказать у нас изготовление индивидуального проекта.