Tender offer

Everything needed for the construction of private housing is included in tender construction. Namely:

  • a list of all the materials used for construction, specifying exact amounts;
  • a list of all the works and activities necessary for construction, specifying the exact scope.

The tender offer will allow you to:

  1. Calculate the exact amount of money you will need for construction. You will be able to amend the costs of any item;
  2. Competently formulate the tender request in order to select responsible and affordable contractors in your region;
  3. Understand the very core of the construction works;
  4. Control and monitor the activities of the contractors during the construction, including monitoring the usage of construction materials.

In addition to mentioned above, the tender offers a strong supporting point for obtaining a loan for construction, especially if its confirmed by costs specification.

Цена (для проекта Z500) для домов до 250 м2: 10500 руб.

Цена (для проекта Z500) для домов свыше 250 м2: 17000 руб.