Ice resistance

When you finally have your own house, the first thing you should do is ensure its safety. It is especially true for the buildings featuring flat roofing, where snow piles during the winter. This with time can become a threat for the roof surface itself. To prevent this, as well as to avoid the danger which heavy snow can bring for the roofing, the experts have developed the Ice resistance package. The technology is similar to the underfloor heating one. Special equipment will melt the ice on the roof, and prevent the snow from piling.

It is important to note, that the Ice resistance system should be included on the stage of design development, that's why you have to think about it when you purchase a project.

The Ice resistance system provides safety for your house and comfort for you. In addition, this system takes into account such factors as the safety of the porch and steps of the entrance.

The Ice resistance system is installed accompanied by specifications documentation for heating of;

  • flat roofing and rainwater system;
  • entryway and driveway;

The documentation is developed based on the peculiarities of the power supply for the project you choose.

Цена (для проекта Z500) для домов до 250 м2: 5000 руб.

Цена (для проекта Z500) для домов свыше 250 м2: 7500 руб.