Lightning protection package

A person can protect himself form almost any danger, but unfortunately, he has no power over the weather. Even though, each of us can protect their house from lightning. This is exactly why we have developed the lightning protection system. It consists of various devices that are located on the exterior and interior surfaces of the house. The lightning protection is divided into the outside and inside protection. The outside protection deals with the situations when a lightning strikes the house, while the inside protection safeguards the electrical supply network from power surges.

It is important to note, that the lightning protection should be included on the stage of design development, that is why you have to think about it when you purchase a project.

The lightning protection package consists of:

  • Lightning rods layout chart;
  • conductor section scheme;
  • schemes for laying of earthing;
  • average calculations for resistance;
  • additional list of the used materials;
  • recommendations for installation and project implementation.

Цена (для проекта Z500) для домов до 250 м2: 5000 руб.

Цена (для проекта Z500) для домов свыше 250 м2: 7500 руб.