Interior design package

The interior design of your house is not just how your house looks from the inside, but a reflection of your personality. The interior will tell the guests what kind of people live in this house, their style, and aspirations. The experts say that a suitable interior design can give an energy boost to the people living in the house and inspire them to do great things, or if necessary, it can help you relax and enjoy a comfortable rest in a cozy and serene atmosphere.  Anyway, the interior design is very important, and it should be done by experts.

Our company offers:

Personal interior design project.  It includes 3 sections: detail design;

blueprints and rough calculations.

  • Planning solution, which includes the location of furniture and appliances.
  • Static 3D visualization.
  • Dismantling plan.
  • Assembly plan.
  • Ceiling plan including the nodes.
  • The flooring plan including flooring materials and location of doorways
  • Underfloor heating plan.
  • Plumbing equipment location plan.
  • Air conditioning scheme.
  • The lighting plan including the distribution of the switches.
  • Electrical plan including the outlets, the locations of audio, video devices and computers.
  • Tile layout for the bathrooms.
  • Elevation view of the rooms, with the detailed drawing for the furniture to be purchased and finishing materials.
  • Summary of the finishing materials.

Estimated costs for the decorative finishing materials, furniture, and lights.