Seismic adaptation

This option allows you to customize any project for construction in the regions with high seismic hazard but authorized for construction of residential housing.  This means, that if you choose the "seismic adaptation" option you will be able to choose any project you like. Our experts can customize even the most complicated project for construction on your patch.

If you look through our projects, you will definitely find an option that suits you best, and will become a practical and cozy home for you, the house of your dreams.

Choosing this option will allow you to make changes to the architectural and building section of the project. Moreover, you can even make changes to the engineering section if it is necessary to meet the requirement of the Construction Codes and Regulations of the Russian Federation section Construction in seismically hazardous regions.

Цена (для проекта Z500) для домов до 250 м2: 23200 руб.

Цена (для проекта Z500) для домов свыше 250 м2: 30500 руб.